Skin Problem

Eczema is acute or chronic inflammatory reactions to substances that come in contact with the skin.

In acute type of eczema, we can see plaques of redness and swell, puncate erosions exuding serum, and crusts.

In subacute type of eczema, we found the plaques of mild erythema showing small, dry scales or superficial desquamation, sometimes associated with small, red, pointed or rounded, firm papules.

In chronic type of eczema, we can see plaques of lichenification, scaling with satellite, small, firm, rounded or flattopped papules, excoriations, and pigmentation or mild erythema. Eczema can be manage in acute phase by identify and remove the etiologic agent, Wet dressing, topical glucocorticoid. Systemic glucocorticoids may be indicated in severe cases.

In subacute and chronic phase, it is possible to use a short course of one of the potent topical glucocorticoid prepatations, betamethasone dipeopionate or clobetasol propionate if the lesion are not bullous.

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