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Vitiligo is characterized clinically by development of totally white macules, microscopically by complete absence of melanocyte, and medically by increased association with certain medical diseases, particularly thyroid disease. Vitiligo may begin at any age, equal in both sexes.    Characterizations of the onset of vitiligo suggest that there are both genetic and environmental factors. Onset after the death of a relative or after severe physical injury is often mentioned. We can see, the “Chalk or pale white” in color, round, oval or elongated macule. Some patients can associated with thyroid disease. Vitiligo is a chronic disease. Up to 30% of patients may report some spontaneous repigmentation a few areas that are exposed to the sun.

We can manage the vitiligo by using sunscreen, cosmetic coverup. This may be achieved for local macules with topical glucocorticoid or topical psoralens and for widespread macules with oral psoralens and UVA.

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